The following actions should be taken immediately following any hail, wind or storm-related damages:

Ensure the Safety of Your Family

Weather-related damage often renders extremely dangerous conditions in and around the dwelling. Keep all family and pets clear of effected areas until they have been inspected and determined to be safe. Take extreme caution when going outdoors after a storm to check for power lines that may be down, broken glass, falling debris and tree branches. NEVER let children or pets near flood waters that may contain sewage and pollutants. Keep in mind that standing waters often hide dangerous things - including downed power lines. Contact your local power company if you have questions regarding possible downed power lines.

Seek Professional Assistance

Seek Professional Assistance to determine the extent of the damage and safety of your home. The immense force of storm-driven rain, hail and winds can cause serious damage to the structure of your dwelling or building. Roofs and floors may be also damaged and collapse. Electrical, gas and water lines may present hidden hazards. Let a CR Professional inspect the structure first and do not enter the building until they let you know it is safe to enter.

Act to Preserve and Protect Your Property

Most insurance companies require that your take action to preserve and protect your property. Depending on the severity of the storm damage you may need to perform temporary repairs to secure and protect your property and prevent further damage. Your Complete Restoration, Inc damage repair professional is familiar with insurance company requirements and will assist you in complying with any requirements for your insurance policy.

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