Imagine a situation none of us want to face, but far too many of us do. Your house has been destroyed by fire. Your homeowners insurance will cover all of your losses - but you need to provide your homeowners insurance company with a full list of everything that was destroyed by the fire. Can you do it?

Listing your belongings can seem like an reachable goal when under stress. Most can recall the major things: the flat screen television, computer, and the stereo system; but can you recall the brand of your kitchen stove, refrigerator or dishwasher? How about your living room furniture? The lamps? Unless you are able to list those things when you make your insurance claim, your insurer will make an estimate of what it costs to replace the furnishings of your home - and chances are that the estimate will fall far short of the replacement value of your belongings.

A little inexpensive preparation in advance with Complete Restoration's Video Cataloging Service would save the day. A CR professional will visit your house and video catalog your home’s content in a very short time. All video is saved in insurance-approved formats. You will receive a copy and a file is kept on record with Complete Restoration, Inc. Most insurance companies will happily accept this as proof of your ownership.

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