plumbing leaks

Plumbing issues always seem to occur at the most inconvenient times.  But that’s most likely because the most inconvenient times are generally during seasons or events that put stress on your pipes. Seasonal shifts – with their associated temperature changes – tend to push your plumbing to the brink.

The Professionals at Complete Restoration Inc. are always glad to assist and rescue in case of that emergent cause, but we understand there’s plenty for us to do otherwise without our customers feeling the stress of plumbing failures!

So! We’d like to share some tips to help you check/prepare your plumbing for the season:

1. Fix Leaks Now!

When temperatures plummet, water can easily freeze inside, causing pipes to burst. If you are out of the house or unaware that a pipe has burst, the results can be disastrous – including massive home floods and damage. If you made it through the recent-past drastic winter without event? A spot check of your plumbing is in good order! Temperature shifts cause expansions/shrinkage that can slow build to oncoming disaster. If detected early, preventative measures are much less costly!

The best time to get leaks repaired is the present. Check all of the faucets in your kitchen, bathrooms and utility room for drips and puddles. If you have a leaky faucet, contact the Complete Restoration, Inc. Team of Professionals  immediately to get your pipes back in tip-top shape.

2. Protect your pipes from Freezing.

Winter is on the fast-approach again! So this simple task can be a two-fold procedure! While checking joint status, you can also lessen this possibility by wrapping each of your un-insulated pipes in a blanket of foam. Foam tubes with a slit on the side can be purchased at most hardware stores. Simple installation instructions for this: cut the tube to the length you need, pull it open and push it over and around your pipe. Use duct tape to secure if the foam does not have self-adhesive edges.

3. Hot water heater – drain, flush and evaluate. 

“Hard” water can sediment can build up in your tank, and be a catalyst for rust to develop inside. If your hot water heater is already rusted or is too old, consider purchasing a new one before cold weather sets in. If potential plumbing costs aren’t enough to encourage You? Know this: This rust can then find it’s way into your drinking, cooking and bathing water.  Go clean and green, replace that water heater!

Your fall and winter should be full of cheer and warm family gatherings… not exploded pipes and leaks that take days to fix. Prepare and repair your plumbing in advance to avoid a mandated alteration in your happy time schedules.

Call your Team of Professionals at Complete Restoration, Inc. at 731-423-1777 if you find something bigger than you want to tackle when doing your assessment!