Your team of Professionals at Complete Restoration, Inc. would like to share information about your water pipes and the hazards that come along with this early onset winter weather. Keep reading for tips and suggestions regarding how to prevent water pipes from freezing in your home, and how to... > Read More

plumbing leaks

Plumbing issues always seem to occur at the most inconvenient times.  But that's most likely because the most inconvenient times are generally during seasons or events that put stress on your pipes. Seasonal shifts - with their associated temperature changes - tend to push... > Read More

Below find tornado information, safety instructions and what to do in the aftermath directions from the American Red Cross! In the event of storms, call Complete Restoration, Inc. at 731-423-1777... but! We prefer that you're safe and we don't get that call! (check out the phone apps... too cool of a tool!)

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f and w damage When discussing fire and water damage, reaction time is critical to the welfare of your home. Any delay most often means additional repairs may be necessitated to restore the home to original condition. Fire and water damage restoration is a process that mandates it be underway almost... > Read More
Outdoor-Kitchen-and-Fireplace 002 Nothing kicks off the backyard season like the first cookout! Complete Restoration, Inc. owner Eddie Crouthers shares, “Outdoor kitchens and THE ‘hot ticket item’ these days.” With warmer weather just around the corner, everyone is counting down the days. Now is the time to plan your new entertaining space! “Large... > Read More