f and w damage
When discussing fire and water damage, reaction time is critical to the welfare of your home. Any delay most often means additional repairs may be necessitated to restore the home to original condition. Fire and water damage restoration is a process that mandates it be underway almost immediately to increase what can be salvaged. Unfortunately because putting out fire uses water, you’re most often also forced to cope with fire and water damage conditions at the same time. If your home has suffered fire or water damage, there are steps you should take that will help expedite getting your home back into shape as soon as possible.

Safety First
Both fire and water can cause significant structural damage to your home. Take special care and extreme caution to look for structural damage to the roof, interior and exterior walls, stairways, floors and ceilings before you re-enter your home. Water damage is most often not as obvious as fire damage, so be especially careful when re-entering your home. Electrical wiring damage is a major concern. In all cases, it’s best to play it safe and call Complete Restoration, Inc. at 731-423-1777 to assess, approve, or repair the structural integrity of your home before you return.

Fire Damage Restoration
Homeowners are in for a big cleanup any time their home suffers a fire of any size. Structural stability has to be restored, and some degree of remodeling is part of the “healing” process.” Eradicating health risks and fire odor is near impossible for the average home to handle without the assistance of a team of fire and water damage professionals. Call Complete Restoration, Inc. to do the real dirty work. They have equipment and procedures that no average homeowner has access to.

Water Damage Restoration
With water damage, the absolute first concern is drying out your home as soon as possible. Structural integrity of your home assessed and approved before re-entry, but afterwards? Do absolutely whatever you can to get the moisture out. Any standing water should be removed with all-purpose (“shop” type) vacuums, open all windows, set up as many fans as possible to speed up the drying out process, and place dehumidifiers if you have access to them. Without these “helper” actions, mold, fungus, and mildew are imminent. Any – or all – will then mandate an extreme mold remediation project to eliminate the problem. If your home has incurred substantial water damage, be sure to call Chris Julian and the Complete Restoration, Inc. professionals to come to the rescue. They are fully equipped with commercial-grade solutions including freezer, cryogenic, vacuum freeze, and vacuum thermal drying techniques to get things back to “livable” as soon as possible.
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Insurance Companies, Fire and Water Damage Restoration, and YOUR Best Interest
Typical homeowners insurance covers most fire and water damage. Even so, its at the best interest of the individual homeowner to have a fire and water restoration professional negotiate with the insurance company/adjustor. This helps to insure that your home can be restored to its full, sound condition. Having a specialist assess the not-always-apparent damage in addition to the obvious damage, and “state your case” may be critical to what your homeowners policy will pay for. Protect your home, protect your interest… call Complete Restoration, Inc. 731-423-1777 or visit the website at www.CompleteRestorationInc.com

24/7 availability for our professionals to be on site and assisting you within a few hours.

Complete Restoration, Inc. trained professionals will perform a prompt damage assessment and estimate to speed the overall process of your recovery time!

State-of-the-art water extraction equipment will be stationed in your home to remove the majority of water (from carpets and padding).

Complete Restoration, Inc. will also place industrial-grade dehumidifiers and air movers in your home to remove any remaining moisture (Mold evasion).

If reconstruction of the affected areas is necessary, process will begin as soon as water and moisture removal is complete.

Complete Restoration, Inc. will sanitize, deodorize and perform air purification processes to insure that your dwelling returns to its natural state.

Complete Restoration, Inc. offers assistance with the insurance claims process. The disaster-caused situation often leaves you overwhelmed with the overall project. Let our professionals help!

No matter the type or severity of your water damage, our ultimate goal at Complete Restoration, Inc. is to get your property back to normal as fast as possible. The majority of water damage.

We get your property back to normal faster. Many water damage jobs require little or no demolition or reconstruction, so with our innovative drying methods? We can often have you back in your home in just days! Call 731-423-1777  for a FREE ESTIMATE!