When discussing fire and water damage, reaction time is critical to the welfare of your home. Any delay most often means additional repairs may be necessitated to restore the home to original condition. Fire and water damage restoration is a process that mandates it be underway almost immediately to increase what can be salvaged. Unfortunately […]

Complete Restoration, Inc. is an authorized dealer for Andersen Windows. Call today at 731-423-1777, or visit the website at www.CompleteRestorationInc.com WHEN SHOULD I REPLACE MY WINDOWS? Knowing when to replace your home’s windows isn’t always as clear as it may seem. If your home is older than 15 years, it’s probably a good time to […]

Nothing kicks off the backyard season like the first cookout! Complete Restoration, Inc. owner Chris Julian shares, “Outdoor kitchens and THE ‘hot ticket item’ these days.” With warmer weather just around the corner, everyone is counting down the days. Now is the time to plan your new entertaining space! “Large project planning is important. It […]